Zerodeko Bird Food Holder Stainless Steel Parrot Hanging Vegetable Fruit Feeder Bird Treat Skewer Hanging Fruit Fork Holder for Bird Chicken

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The Zerodeko Bird Food Holder is a must-have accessory for bird owners who want to provide their feathered friends with a varied and nutritious diet. Made from stainless steel, this parrot hanging vegetable and fruit feeder is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your bird can enjoy its favorite treats for a long time to come. The bird treat skewer is designed to hold a variety of fruits and vegetables, making it easy to offer your bird a balanced and healthy diet. The hanging fruit fork holder can be easily mounted in your bird’s cage or outside its enclosure, allowing your bird to access its food easily whenever it wants. Whether you own a parrot, chicken, or any other type of bird, the Zerodeko Bird Food Holder is a great investment in your pet’s health and happiness.

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This item is made of premium material for durable and -lasting use. It is easy to provide fresh fruit, veggies, and bread in a more engaging way. Can be installed in a bird cage, very convenient. Suitable for birds, pets, parrots.


-Material:Stainless Steel

Package Including
1 × Hanging Bird Feeder

CHICKEN VEGGIES SKEWER: Made of stainless steel material, these bird fruit picks have a service life, sturdy, durable. Easy to Use: Unscrew the bottom screws, skewer tomato, , cabbage, corn or other vegetables fruits your chickens like, then tighten the screws and the vegetable holder in the proper place.
PARROT FORAGING TOY: With funny fruit fork design that will keep the pet entertained while developing their skills. You can use small and large bird fruit fork to penetrate the fruits like fruit and pear or other birds favorite snack
BIRD FEEDER FOR FRUITS: You can place it where you can . Suitable for bird cages and small animal hutches. Suitable for small birds including parrot, parakeet, cockatoo, lovebird, green cheek conure, finch,
BIRD FOOD TREAT SKEWER: The multi-functional pet fruit holder is ideal for serving fruits, vegetables for bird or small animal treats. Outdoor food holder stimulates chickens foraging and gathering behavior as well as provides a source of entertainment for chickens.



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