Young Bucks Respond to Rumors They Send ‘Feelers’ to WWE



The Young Bucks have responded to rumors that they have sent ‘feelers’ to find out if WWE would be interested in signing them.

Ryan Frederick of Wrestling Observer said that the Bucks had contacted a WWE talent to inquire about WWE’s potential interest in him when his contract expires in 2024.

It was reported that this is not unusual and does not mean that they are interested in moving to WWE, just that they would potentially be willing to play against each other to find themselves negotiating a better deal when the time comes. Can you ,

But anyway, according to Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer RadioBuck has denied that this even happened. Meltzer said:

“The only thing I know about this is that they said the story is not true. They talk to people in WWE, it’s not unusual.

“I know they denied that stuff.

“I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m saying they denied it happened.”

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The Bucks are currently suspended from AEW while their backstage fight with CM Punk after All Out is under investigation.

It was also announced last night that the Bucks’ weekly YouTube show, Being the Elite, is on hiatus until further notice.

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