xixi-home Hamster Cage Syrian Gerbil Dwarf Russian Dwarf Hamster Diy Habitat Acrylic Transparent Small Animal Cage Easy to Clean23 X 17 X H 30cm (Pink)

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The Xixi-Home Hamster Cage is the perfect habitat for your furry little pet. It is suitable for Syrian Gerbils, Dwarf Russian Dwarf Hamsters and other small animals. Its clear acrylic walls give you a clear view of your pet at all times, making it easy to watch and observe their activities. This cage is also easy to clean and maintain, with its simple design and dimensions of 23 X 17 X H 30cm. The pink color adds a touch of fun and femininity to any space, while providing a comfortable and secure home for your hamster. Get the Xixi-Home Hamster Cage today and give your little pet the perfect home!

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xixi-home is a Chinese brand specializing in pet supplies, we have only one ultimate goal: “make pets and owners’ lives happier”!

Our store involves a wide range of pet supplies, mainly hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, birds,cats, and dogs. We hope to greatly improve the quality of life of pets and give them a comfortable and healthy home!,

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Because of our love and dedication to small pets, we will continue to develop comfortable pet products unremittingly!

【Hamster Cage Size】Measures 23x17x30cm, the package you receive includes all the toys and assembly accessories pictured, plus a free hamster bathroom, a set of cleaning broom and a cartoon hamster sticker. Note – This is a small hamster cage, please check if the size is suitable for your pet before purchasing.
【Fully Transparent Acrylic】Our dwarf hamster cage is made of high-quality acrylic panel, it can clearly see the hamster, always pay attention to the health of the hamster.
【DIY Assembly】The Syrian cage needs to be assembled by yourself, and it is also a fun thing to assemble with your family and children.Note – Please privately acrylic panel film before assembly
【Easy to Clean】If you are still worried about cleaning the pet cage, you can buy our detachable gerbil cage, which can be easily disassembled, and the free cleaning broom is more convenient for you to clean your pet’s home.



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