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Ron Crewe – founder of XStudio, a company that broadcasts live performances online for globally recognized brands – says he aims to bring more artists to his platform with the launch of the company’s new non-fungible token (NFT) line. want to bring

The NFT Space calls on Ron Crewe

NFT is a digital asset linked to a physical thing. This physical object could be a song or piece of music, a comic strip, a famous work of art, etc. Many of these NFTs represent individual interests in such assets. For example, if you want to buy an NFT of the Mona Lisa (the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci that hangs in the Louvre in France), you don’t necessarily own the Mona Lisa itself. Instead, you own a digital version of the painting.

The idea is to spread wealth and property opportunities among many individuals, eliminating potential wealth gaps and giving more people the opportunity to participate in owning items that could previously only be achieved by the super-rich. . In many ways, NFTs are great.

Ron Creevey says X Studio has long been interested in getting involved in the cryptocurrency space. He said in a recent interview:

XStudio integrates with all global artists within the evolving architecture of the Internet, including Web3. This is the direction of The X Studio and what has enabled us to be self-sufficient. Artists, labels and listeners need proper recognition from recording studios, management and listening audiences. I have been part of the internet since the beginning when we built the first internet company in Asia and Australia. Moreover, on the music side of the business, the collaboration with world leading artists makes me smile. As they say, you can’t hunt cool.

The news is all fine and dandy, although you have to wonder if X Studios is arriving too late to the party.

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Is this the right thing to do?

It turned out some time ago that the NFT space wasn’t doing very well. In fact, space business is down about 97 percent from an all-time high in the early months of 2022. This means business has pretty much disappeared in less than a year, and we can’t help but wonder if the NFT space lasts much longer.

At the end of the day, NFTs are pixelated art forms that somehow took off in the early months of 2020. During that time, NFTs sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the space’s market cap ran into the billions, however with virtually no activity within its borders, getting into NFTs made perfect sense for Ron Creevey and company. Is there an option?

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