WWE’s ‘White Rabbit’ teaser released on SmackDown

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A QR code on Friday’s SmackDown sparked yet another flirtation about the “White Rabbit.”

A QR code seen during a watch party segment with Hit Row during Friday’s show. When viewers scanned the code, it took them to the WWE website for a new teaser. Clicking on the teaser reveals a mini-game where players lead a white rabbit to a door. Upon arrival at the door, a new image appears with the word “patriotism” along with the coordinates. The coordinates lead to Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which will host Raw this coming Monday.

Additionally, the song “White Rabbit” was replayed by Jefferson Starship during Friday’s show between commercials.

The song “White Rabbit” was played for the first time during last Friday’s SmackDown, which continued throughout the weekend at the WWE House Show. A QR code was seen next to The Austin Theory on RAW last Monday. That QR code led to the WWE website, whose teaser ended with the date 9.23, the date of Friday’s SmackDown.

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