WWE will hold a press conference to announce Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul


Logan Paul is set to return to WWE television on tonight’s episode of SmackDown after he defeated The Miz back at SummerSlam.

This comes after Logan hosted his Impulsive Show with special guest Roman Reigns, in which WWE sparked some animosity between the WWE stars, sparking a match between them.

A Twitter conversation led to Logan coming to tonight’s SmackDown in Anaheim to address the situation, and it looks like we now know if and when the match will take place.

Per F4WOonline, WWE is set to host Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul as the main event of the WWE Crown Jewel Show in Saudi Arabia on November 5 for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

In a follow-up, Dave Meltzer mentioned that WWE plans to host a press conference tomorrow in Las Vegas to officially announce the match.

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