WWE stars out ‘indefinitely’ due to injury


From the time they were named The Viking Experience, Erik and Ivar’s main roster careers were a bit cursed, with poor bookings and injuries ruining their time on Raw and SmackDown.

The misfortune is not going to end anytime soon, as revealed by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter That Eric is out indefinitely with a leg injury, which means there’s little chance we’re going to see anything out of the Viking Raiders for a while.

Meltzer wrote:

The Viking Raiders have been postponed indefinitely due to Eric’s leg injury. Aaliyah is out of action and it appears that Shotzi will be replaced as Rodriguez’s tag team partner. But that can’t happen because they wanted to return Shotji. Alia’s injury was not considered serious at press time as she is listed to return next week. His injury was mentioned in passing on television without explaining what it was.

Fingers crossed injury doesn’t keep them out of action for very long. To keep track of all current WWE injuries, you can use our tracker.

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