WWE star who spoke to the Young Bucks, responds to ‘Feelers’ rumors


Following their suspension from the AEW All Out media scandal, rumors surfaced about the Young Bucks allegedly sending ‘feels’ to WWE.

Reports claimed that the Bucks reached out to WWE about a potential interest in approaching a talent when their AEW deal expires in 2024. This comes after rumors that the Bucks and Omega threatened to leave AEW following CM Punk’s comments on AEW All Out. Media Scrum.

In an update on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer noted that the talent the Bucks spoke to in WWE noted that there was no mention of the Bucks talking to management in WWE.

he said:

“The person they spoke to – and they spoke to someone, and have probably spoken to this person several times – but the person in question has also said that there was no mention of them asking to speak to management, or Nothing was to be arranged. He was not even in the discussion.”

The Bucks, as well as Kenny Omega, CM Punk and Ace Steel, were all suspended after the fight, voiding the AEW World and AEW Trios Championships in the process.

Pat Buck, Michael Nakazawa, Christopher Daniels and Brandon Cutler, who were also suspended by AEW after the fight, have now had their suspensions revoked by the company.

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