WWE star makes bold claim about main event abilities



The Miz makes bold claim about main event status

The Miz believes that if WWE needs a star who can do it all, they always know they can count on him to move forward!

talking to New York PostThe Miz described in his typically bragging manner why he has been a staple for several decades.

Miz said:

“I am the person who can tell a story. I can do main event matches and not only that, I can do outside work. I can host, I can do films. I can be on promotion Whatever it is, I’m your guy. I don’t know if there’s anyone better than me who can do it.”

Describing his solid position as a Main Event ratings draw, The Miz said:

“If you need a main event that draws ratings and gets people talking, you can put me there. If you need segments four, six, eight, you have to wrap the whole show around someone. need, you can make him the midge.”

Whether wearing a banger with Logan Paul at SummerSlam or appearing in Celebrity Family Feud, The Miz really is, man!

The Miz continues to shine in those around her as a fascinating (yet turning to macabre) storyline with Dexter Loomis.

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