WWE star has harsh words for Naomi and Sasha Banks



Bayley says Sasha Banks and Naomi might be ‘afraid to return’ to WWE

One WWE star has some harsh words for Sasha Banks and Naomi, noting that they “might be scared to return” to WWE!

Bailey has recently been spotted hanging out with Mercedes Vernado and Trinity Fatu (also known by their WWE monikers, Sasha Banks and Naomi) in New York City, but that doesn’t mean she went soft on the pairing Is.

Belle said in click The podcast said he was very proud of everything the two stars had been doing since their infamous walk out of WWE.

Bayley said about the walk out and what has happened since:

“It’s hard to give any idea because I wasn’t there personally, you know, and no matter where I was, no one is going to understand their mindset, or mind, or mind other than Sasha and Naomi Joe.” Not going to understand anything that happened, so, it’s hard for me to give any kind of insight on that because I’m not really sure.

“All I know is that what they’re doing now is killing it. I’ve been able to spend some time with them and they’re weird — they’re models. They’re actresses or singers. They’re amazing. They’re anywhere.” Go, whatever they do, I support them. They’re going to take over everywhere, they’re going to take over the world, whatever they want to do, they’re going to do great.”

When asked about a possible return to WWE, Bailey didn’t mind issuing a strange warning to two of his friends in real life.

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Here’s what Bayley has to say about her potential return:

“If they ever do return, I’m just going to kick their ass. They may be afraid to come back for me. You may want to stay on the runway. ,

While Sasha and Naomi vacated the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship following their exit from the company in May, Bayley is back with her new stable of damage CTRL, including Dakota Kai and IYO Sky.

Kai and Sky defeated Raquel Rodriguez and Aaliyah to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on this past week’s edition of WWE Raw.

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