WWE star ambushes ex-NFL punter in Las Vegas


WWE Money in the Bank 2022 premium live event took place recently in Las Vegas. The premium live event saw some title changes and also had some surprises in store for fans. But after the main event concluded, WWE star Happy Corbin attacked former NFL punter Pat McAfee.

McAfee and Corbin have been shooting each other on WWE SmackDown for the past few weeks. And tonight, Corbin got his revenge on McAfee. Pat McAfee was part of the commentary team for the main event of the Money in the Bank 2022 premium live event. But minutes after the match ended, Corbin came and attacked McAfee.

hit Pat McAfee with his End of Days move and knocked out his opponent WWE SummerSlam 2022. Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin are scheduled to compete in one match at SummerSlam 2022 in a singles match. But before that, they could have a showdown again in the next episode of WWE SmackDown.

Corbin obviously has more experience competing inside the squared circle than McAfee. But the former NFL punter can’t be underestimated. Although McAfee has only competed in the ring a few times, he has always impressed fans with his performances.

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Pat McAfee appeared in two matches at WWE WrestleMania 38

Pat McAfee is the only WWE star to appear in two matches this year. The former NFL punter first competed in a singles match against Theory.

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Fans expected Theory to take the win. But to everyone’s surprise, McAfee went hand in hand with Theory. And in the end, it was Pat McAfee who emerged victorious from their match.

But that was not all. Shortly after McAfee’s victory over Theory, Vince McMahon entered the squared circle. then shocked everyone by deciding to enter a match against Pat McAfee.

After a little help from Theory, Mr. McMahon attacked the former NFL punter. He dominated the entire match and picked up a win over Pat McAfee that night.

Fans will once again get the chance to see McAfee in action inside the squared circle at WWE SummerSlam 2022. Do you think he can beat Happy Corbin at WWE SummerSlam 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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