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WWE SmackDown Preview (September 16, 2022): Liv Morgan Is In A World Of Trouble


SmackDown airs tonight (September 16) with a live show from Honda Center in Anaheim, California. This is the second SmackDown episode during the five-week build-up to Extreme ruleswhich takes place on October 8.

Liv Morgan is in a world of trouble

SmackDown Women’s champion Liv Morgan has another rematch set with Ronda Rousey. They will compete for the gold at Extreme rules.

Ronda has enough motivation to dismantle Liv and grab her arm. Liv stole Rousey’s title Money in the bank in July. Later that month, Rousey forced Morgan to wiretap in a rematch on SummerSlam, but the referee messed up and declared Morgan the winner. Rousey snapped at Morgan and the umpire, forcing her to be suspended.

At the time it looked like a heel spur, but that suspension really helped Ronda gain momentum and popularity with live fans. The Baddest Woman on the Planet comes out every week now and doesn’t care about the rules and just does what she feels like. That includes assaulting Adam Pearce after he informed her that her suspension was lifted.

Ronda’s first game without suspension took place last week. She easily defeated Xia Li, Natalya, Sonya Deville and Lacey Evans to become the number one contender for the women’s title on Extreme rules.

Liv Morgan is clearly up to her ears against this version of Ronda Rousey. Ronda dominated Liv at SummerSlam before she had this huge chip on her shoulder. Now Ronda is even more driven to hurt and embarrass the current champion and take her title back.

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The bottom line is that Morgan is in a world of trouble and better come up with a plan to survive Rousey’s wrath. The key to the whole thing could just be Shayna Baszler, who recently defeated Morgan in a title match on Clash in the castle. Rousey has had some tough words for Shayna lately, trying to motivate her to get that killer instinct back. Perhaps it will backfire and Shayna will turn against Ronda instead. That could be Liv Morgan’s best way to escape this predicament as a champion.

Liv’s other way out is WWE official Adam Pearce, who at this point is likely willing to abuse his power to get revenge on Ronda. Morgan and Rousey already had a regular singles title match at SummerSlam, so it makes sense to add a gimmick to the fight this time around. If Adam Pearce is the person who picks the gimmick, he will almost certainly try to stack the deck against Ronda, right?

Maybe tonight we’ll find out what he has in store for her.

The rest of the title scene

Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are the new ones Tag team champions ladies. It sounds like they’ll be on the show tonight, along with their ally Bayley. Will former champions Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez get a rematch for the titles in the near future?

Intercontinental Champion Gunther has mastered Sheamus in solo action and group warfare. It’s time to up the ante on this one with a belt gimmick match Extreme rulesor does sheamus not deserve a title shot anymore?

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Solo Sikoa won the North American Championship earlier this week on NXT. Will that title become a title on the main roster now that Sikoa has officially joined The Bloodline?

Logan Paul really thinks he can beat WWE Universal Champion Roman reigns in a contest. Logan comes to SmackDown tonight, and Paul Heyman may well return to TV to handle this situation on behalf of the chieftain. WWEs officially The article on Logan’s return doesn’t mention Reigns of Heyman, so maybe another heel will confront the babyfaced YouTube star tonight. How about an honorary Uce?

The Usos are the WWE tag team champions but haven’t televised any title defenses since the August 1 episode Raw. There will be a Fatal 4-Way match tonight to determine their next challenger. The four teams vying for that spot are New Day, Street Profits, Los Lotharios and Alpha Academy. Los Lotharios and Alpha Academy are clearly low-card fodder pretending to be against the champions, while the Usos spent much of the summer beating the Street Profits. Then there’s New Day, who recently lost a Viking Rules match to the Viking Raiders. Triple H, you have some work to do to restore this underwhelming tag team division.

Other things to keep an eye on

– Karrion Kross escalated things with Drew McIntyre last week by suffocating him with the Kross jacket. I bet that’s a good reason for Drew to temporarily forget about The Bloodline and focus all his attention on kicking this guy.

– Braun Strowman has returned to WWE and is right back in top position as babyface. It may be a while before he can get his hands on a piece of Roman Reigns, which means a number of other heels will have to get these hands on over the next month. Is he planning to ruin the Fatal 4-Way tag team match again tonight?

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– Happy Corbin got into JBL’s limousine a few weeks ago and we haven’t seen him since. JBL must have offered him some really tasty candy.

– Babyfaces Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura recently defeated Corbin and wander a bit in limbo in search of their next storyline.

– Hit Row continues to be very good at humiliating maximum male models, and Max Dupri may be ready to make a change.

– Lacey Evans returned to WWE television last week and was defeated in her first game back.

– Where is the future? WrestlingMania protagonist Shanky?

– Corey Graves has replaced Pat McAfee for comment, and we’re all in worse shape. I don’t think I should speak for anyone but myself. I’m worse off. Let me know in the comments below if you’re in the same boat as I am.

What are you going to look for? SmackDown?



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