WWE releases behind-the-scenes details on Mason ‘The Night Haller’ Ramirez’s NXT appearance


This week’s edition of “NXT” – which marked the one-year anniversary of the brand called “NXT 2.0” – acknowledged Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley on the air for a very Special guest attended. ,

In a statement released by WWE, the company confirmed that Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children’s cancer patient Mason “The Night Haller” Ramirez officially made his debut on Tuesday night’s show. Ramirez, who is part of this year’s Conners Cure PSA campaign, appeared in “Night Howler” wrestling gear with the “NXT” championship strapped to his shoulder as he accompanied Briggs and Jensen to Henley in the ring ahead of him. Had gone. One-on-one encounter with the Lash legend. In the end, Henley won against Legend, and Ramirez reappeared to celebrate the victory on the shoulders of Briggs and Jensen.

In addition, WWE revealed that Ramirez met throughout the “NXT” locker room in Orlando, FL, and received a standing ovation before receiving a special congratulations from WWE Hall of Famer and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels . The occasion was noted by WWE as the experience of a lifetime for Ramirez, who hopes to someday become a WWE Superstar. Additionally, WWE confirmed that more Conner Cure thrillers will also be “highlighted this month” on “NXT” for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. With the appearance of Ramirez, the company launched a . be released Exclusive video on his YouTube channel Focusing on Ramirez as well as spotlighting “NXT”‘s pledge to support “Connor’s Cure Kid Superstars” throughout this month.

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The Connor treatment was created by WWE in June 2014 to honor the late superfan and Warrior Award recipient Conor “The Crusher” Michalek, who battled medulloblastoma, a rare brain tumor.



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