WWE Raw Star Admits It’s ‘Weird’ Not To See Vince McMahon Backstage



WWE Star Omos commented on Vince McMahon’s departure to WWE, explaining how things have changed under the Triple H regime.

Omos suffered a lot during the Vince McMahon era of WWE. After reigning the Raw Tag Team Titles with AJ Styles in 2021, Omos turned on Styles in December before officially joining the singles division.

Following the retirement of Vince McMahon amid allegations of ‘Hush Pact’, and Triple H taking over creative, it was reported that some ‘Vince McMahon people’ were concerned about his spots.

It was speculated that Omos was one of these ‘boys’, with some believing that the seven-foot star would be shown less on TV under Triple H.

to speak on speak less, Omos praised Triple H for being one of the boys. He admitted that Vince McMahon not being backstage seems odd, given that Triple H is very practical with the creative.

Discussing the management change, Omos said:

“It’s weird. Not seeing the old man (Vince McMahon) every day as I was for the past two years, I saw him every day, and now there’s Hunter.

“Hunter is one of us. He’s one of the boys. Many of us trust him because he has the same experiences as us. We trust him. It’s given a lot of rest. He’s so involved.” He has gone into rehearsals, working with talent, he is very handsome.”

Omos recently wrestled during the September 12 edition of Raw, winning a two-on-one handicap match.

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