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WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Bobby Lashley retains the US title against Seth Rollins with the help of Matt Riddle


Seth Rollins may have been convinced that he would end his rivalry with Matt Riddle after winning his match at Clash at Castle. However, Riddle made it clear that he had not yet happened to Rollins on Monday Night Raw.

Rollins made his Raw debut by challenging Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. A tremendous back-and-forth bout, Rollins appeared to win the match. Then, Riddle’s music became a hit, creating enough distraction for Lashley to win.

By the end of the night, Rollins and Riddle had agreed that they would meet again, this time in a “fight pit” match at Extreme Rules.

WWE Sports was with you all night with summaries and highlights of all the activities at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.

Matt Riddle buys Seth Rollins for the United States Title match

United States Championship – Bobby Lashley (c) def. Seth Rollins via pinfall After hitting the spear. The show started with the title match. Both men went for it with several big moves and interesting counters, with Lashley blocking a stomp through sheer force and Rollins countering a spear into a pedigree. Lashley eventually ducked under a stomp attempt and was locked in a hart lock, but Rollins escaped with a low blow. As Rollins looked to take advantage, Matt Riddle’s music became a hit. Riddle ran to the ring but did not intervene, so distracting that Lashley was able to spear for the win.

Judgment Day def. Matt Riddle and Rey Mysterio via Pinfall When Finn Balor hits Mysterio with a coup de grace. After a long match, Rollins rushed to intervene and dismissed Riddle at ringside. After Ray chases Rollins, Dominic Mysterio taunts his father, with Ray daring him to hit him with a chair. An emotional Ray returns to the ring and is later eliminated by Balor.

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Later in the show, Rollins and Riddle argue backstage while being set aside by officers. Rollins told Riddle if he wanted a rematch to name the time and place, and Riddle challenged him to a “fight pit” match at Extreme Rules, which Rollins accepted.

By reviving “Fight Pit”, Triple H continues to bring his old run with NXT Creative to the main roster. Rollins and Riddle need one final blowout match, but Extreme Rules really needs to be the end of the road for their story. While the matches were good, the two matches take up so much television time that you knew they wouldn’t end unless there was interference, something that was somewhat limited in how you looked at things. grade B-

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Damage CTRL celebrated Dakota Kai and Io Sky to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka interrupted after damage CTRL took a shot at the trio. Bliss then challenges Bayley to a match later in the night.
  • Kevin Owens def. Austin Theory via Pinfall With a pop-up powerbomb. Theory is distracted when Johnny Gargano enters the ring and takes Theory’s Money in the Bank briefcase.
  • The Brawling Brutes def. Street profit through pinfall continued to build momentum ahead of their challenge for the undisputed tag team title on Friday.
  • Dexter Loomis cut the ring during an episode of Miz TV. As Midge says of Lumis appearing at her home last week, a knife begins to cut the ring canvas before Loomis emerges. Miz eventually managed to escape and fled.
  • Finn Balor confronts AJ Styles backstage Accusing Styles of “turning his back”. Styles refused to attend and Balor acted as though he wanted to fight before laughing, angrily hugging Styles and reminding him that there was an open invitation to attend The Judgment Day.
  • Belle def. Alexa Bliss via Pinfall Damage CTRL after the rose plant helped Bayley win and then attacked Bliss after the match. Belair tried to save but, like Asuka, was brutally attacked. Bayley closed the show by saying that she wanted a Raw Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules.
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