WWE Raw Live Results – June 27, 2022



WWE Raw Live Results Here! It’s almost time and reportedly we’ll be seeing him – John Cena will return tonight on WWE Raw!

According to On Deck for Tonight’s WWE Raw ,

    • John Cena returns for Cena’s celebration for his 20th anniversary with WWE
    • Kevin Owens will face Elias, Ezekiel or Elrod kidding, it was announced on the show that the match would have to be rescheduled

…and of course more because it’s a three-hour show!

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Women’s Last Chance MITB Elimination Match

An Elimination Match with Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, Dewdrop, Nikki Ash, Tamina and Xia Lee.

Becky Lynch eliminated Xia Lee and Nikki Ashe with Dewdrops and eliminated Shayna and Tamina, leaving only Lynch vs. Dewdrop in the end.

A huge manhandle slam from the second turnbuckle on Last Survivor Dewdrop with the pin to win Becky Lynch in the Women’s MITB Ladder Match!

The Austin Theory with Bobby Lashley vs Chad Gable and Otis as Special Guest Promoters

Bobby Lashley gets a good match, OTIS, full of expected glam as per the final segment – yes, you read that correctly, OTIS is over his shoulders off the top rope and drops him first and then on to Chad Gable Takes his hold which taps out for Lashley’s Hurt Lock! After the match, of course, attack theory!

John Cena in-ring segment

Interestingly, Zero Optics featuring Vince with Cena was gone before Cena even got into the ring…

John Cena Gives a Nice and Almost Retirement-Sounding

speech. He says that he will be in the ring again but he doesn’t know when he will be in the ring again so he is taking this opportunity to say thank you.

Vince McMahon was here

Following today’s latest developments following a blazing Wall Street Journal article, Vince reappeared on television.

Liv Morgan vs Alexa Bliss

With Asuka on commentary; It was a relatively short and not particularly compelling match, with Liv getting an anti-climate roll-up to win.

After the match, Liv, Alexa and Asuka all pointed to the briefcase.

Bianca Belair and Carmella

Bianca in the Ring – She says she respects Carmella but Carmella doesn’t respect herself. Camella may have ‘it’ but she will bring ‘it’ against EST on Saturday!

Carmella comes out for the ring, she says that if she’s not going to get any respect here, she’s going to take it! She pretends to leave but in reality looks like she has taken off her heel, she comes back in the ring and tries to attack Bianca but she easily pushes him away.

AJ Styles vs The Mizo

A match that took a long time to develop (extending to commercials) between two stalwarts who clearly know what they’re doing in the ring; While it’s mildly compelling, it still feels relatively devoid of emotion or real storytelling but they had a match. It was fun to watch until AJ Styles won via count out, when Miz might have grown tired of it and counted himself out.

Also, while this week only had thankfully less hamfisted stoner jokes with Riddle’s first match appearance, it doesn’t look like the sophomoric humor got the night before we reunite, because I believe it’s now the third week in a row. From Miz’s balls, the size was discussed.

balls. Small balls, giant balls, balls. WWE Universe. balls

Judgment Day and the Mysterious Backstage

Priest and Balor faced Dominic and Rey Mysterio backstage, setting up a tag team match for next week!

Jay Uso vs Montez Ford

Another fun match from some of the Street Profits vs Usos iterations as we’ve seen over the past weeks, leading up to their performance for all tag team gold on Saturday at Money in the Bank Live from Las Vegas!

Montez hit JE with this Monster Frog Splash (which I hope they come up with a delightful name soon!) to win the pinfall and take the win.

Backstage With John Cena

The Street Profits are in a backstage segment with John Cena where he remains the extraordinary, wonderful talker in front of the crowd and in these more heavily scripted backstage bits. Dawkins and Ford consult John Cena about how they can ultimately make the best of the Usos – John Cena says they can’t forget who they are and … never give up and of course , they wanna smoke!

Nice to see they get a little nod from Cena when he’s swimming – he deserves it!

Next Up – A great match between Jay Uso and Montez Ford!

Last Chance MITB Qualifier – Mains

The main match for the men’s ladder match starts the show as a huge battle royal for the final MITB spot –

Coming into the final two, AJ Styles and Riddle seem to be going after each other when suddenly Miz grabs AJ and ends him, revealing that he was (yet, it’s like that). … of course Miz’s schooner! Come on you guys!) Excuse the injury after selling the first knee injury. While Riddle is able to block the Skull crushing finale, he is able to hit the hanging DDT but is not able to nail an RKO as Miz reverses and their exchange continues until That Riddle wouldn’t have set off for an RKO and nailed it!

Riddle wins to join the Money in the Bank ladder match on Saturday!

Triple H is here! (He’s on tape for John Cena)

It’s almost time! Join us for all of the WWE RAW LIVE results at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific!

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