WWE legend sings the praises of Brock Lesnar’s father, Richard Lesnar: ‘Just as big as Brock’


There are very few WWE Superstars or professional wrestlers who are 6.5 feet, 280 pounds and still extremely agile in the ring. Brock Lesnar, however, is the one with all three qualities, which makes him a scary opponent to face.

“The Beast Incarnate”, is popular around the world, but he lives a private life. He lives on a farm and enjoys the life he lived with his parents and siblings as a child. Few people know Lesnar’s parents, as they never appeared in the spotlight.

A while back, legend and current commentator Jim Ross popped up for an interview with. There he recounted having a conversation with the parents of and spoke about his father.

Ross said, “You don’t get guys who are 6-foot-4, 270 pounds with that kind of athletic training. He had already proven in the amateur world that he was the best at heavyweight. I had met his mother and father, we try to recruit in the right way.

He added, “We want to know everyone. So that you know our family, I got to know your family a little. His father was as tall as Brock. He was a farmer in South Dakota. A real guy. A hardworking human being, salt of the earth.

“The Beast Incarnate” grew up on a dairy farm as a child. His father, Richard Lesnar, was a farmer and as a result, Brock Lesnar did a lot of farming in his youth.

Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco had seen Lesnar in amateur wrestling matches and wanted to sign him.

Ross in the interview claimed they would have signed Lesnar a year in advance, but instead made a deal with his coach, who was Brisco’s colleague. The Beast wrestled his senior year of college, his senior year, and he won the national championship. He was an All-American and he was the number one amateur wrestler in America.

Vince McMahon’s reaction to watching Brock Lesnar for the first time in person

Brock Lesnar is a physical specimen and anyone watching him for the first time is bound to be surprised. had the same reaction when he saw Lesnar after Brisco and Ross brought him to a TV taping in Minneapolis.

Ross said, “So McMahon walks around with his Mr McMahon walk and he happens to peek and Gerry Brisco stands next to this monster. Vince turned around and headed straight for Brock – he had never seen him. I never watched him wrestle.


He added, “So when Vince laid eyes on him, he knew we had the guy. If he had any aptitude – we knew he was going to be great athletically, he had already proven himself as an athlete – but if he could have the showbiz side and have the aptitude to be a professional wrestler, he was going to be our man for a while. And it worked. »

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Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon experienced ups and downs in their relationship for a long time after 2004. However, since his return in 2012, Lesnar has made big money in WWE and is currently, along with Roman Reigns, the top star in WWE. the society.

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