WWE legend pays tribute to John Cena on his 20th anniversary in WWE with full video featuring his 9-year-old daughter


John Cena’s WWE debut has bonded Kurt Angle and John Cena ever since. And recently, this moment had its 20th anniversary. As WWE held an entire episode of WWE Raw for the 16-time champion, fans wondered what Cena’s first rival did to commemorate the occasion.

The debut with Kurt Angle would launch young Cena’s career to a height where the champion would go on to represent an entire generation of wrestling. If that match and entrance hadn’t happened, how would Cena’s career and the wrestling industry turn out to be a mystery best left unsolved?

Kurt Angle’s Tribute to John Cena Turning 20

This is one of the best tributes that John Cena could have received. Angle posted a video where he and his daughter, Sophia, recreate John Cena’s iconic debut. And not only does she say “Ruthless Aggression,” but the nine-year-old also slapped her dad, just like Cena did at the time.

He captioned the post, “First! let me explain about my kids, while other girls want their daddies to play barbie dolls with them, mine asks to recreate their favorite dad promo with me. Second! My daughter has a mean smack. So you can see why this one is his favorite. Third! They’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and of course I had to recreate the Ruthless Aggression promo in daddy-Sophia style. Ahead ! My neighbors probably think we’re crazy 😆

The early years of John Cena

Although he may be the biggest star society has ever seen, the early years of who would become ‘Mr. Hustle Respect and Loyalty’ were full of struggle. Not only did people find him uninteresting after his explosive debut, but the other wrestlers he debuted with showed tremendous potential.

So he moved on to one of wrestling’s most iconic gimmicks, Doctor of Thugonomics. What started as a fluke in freestyle rapping on a bus has become a moment fans at all stages have been hoping to see. And delivered every time. Not only on live TV, but also in house shows.

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The success he achieved was a real stir and respect for the work he did. And when it comes to loyalty, there’s no other wrestler more loyal to the company than The Champ himself. And while many modern wrestling fans may find that demeaning, it’s what makes him irreplaceable for Vince McMahon.

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