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WWE has a Saudi show coming up, and hey look, it’s Goldberg!


Logan Paul Challenges WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Crown Jewel 2022 on November 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

That’s the main event of the card, but there are still a number of part-time wrestlers who might get a lot of money to work on the Saudi show. That’s why my eyebrows immediately went up when I saw WWE’s next video on their . posted: YouTube page Ranking of Goldberg’s 25 Best Moments:

WWE posts these Top 10 videos every week and the theme of the video is usually tied to something currently happening on WWE programming. Does this mean Goldberg is going to be relevant again in WWE kayfabe?

He has worked on several Saudi shows since WWE entered into this disgusting business relationship with the Saudi Arabian government in 2018. In fact, Goldberg was rumored to have a special deal specifically aimed at wrestling at these Saudi shows. In fact, his last two WWE matches have both taken place in Saudi Arabia.

Two months ago, Goldberg said he is ready for his next WWE match. He was rumored to be a replacement for Brock Lesnar when The Beast briefly walked out of WWE the week before SummerSlam 2022.

Do you think WWE will book Goldberg for? crown jewelcage siders?

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