WWE Hall of Famer teasing Royal Rumble return?



WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman (X-Pac) has commented on his in-ring future and the possibility of a WWE return for the Royal Rumble.

Waltman returned to the ring for GCW earlier this year, most recently wrestling at Joey Janella’s Spring Break 6 in March, during WrestleMania 38 Weeks.

during K&S Virtual Signing, the former WWE star was asked if there is anyone he would like to wrestle with. Noting that he would only consider returning to the ring for ‘something bigger’, Waltman said:

“It’s hard for me to answer a question like this. I’m not in the frame of mind to wrap my head around where I am physically.

“Especially after the last few matches I had. We get old, man. I can’t walk the next day after doing this. If I get in the ring again, it will be a big deal. It’s going to be something big like the Royal Rumble.”

When Waltman announced that he was working towards a return to the ring in 2021, the Hall of Famer stated that he wanted to be prepared for the Royal Rumble 2022, although Waltman revealed that he would eventually compete in the January event. Call not received.

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