WWE Hall of Famer remembers Batista is hard to work with

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Batista Being Difficult To Work With


Dave Bautista is currently having a lot of success in Hollywood, following his Hall of Fame career as part of WWE from 2002 – 2010. Batista also scored two more runs, one in 2014 and his last run in 2019.

Before there was Animal, there was even Evolution, however, D-Von Dudley’s promoter was Deacon Batista during his days as ‘Reverend D-Von’ on SmackDown in 2002.

While Batista captured several world championships during his career, it wasn’t all systems for Batista from the start, as D-Von recalled during a recent interview with A2theK Wrestling Show.

D-Von recalled Batista’s training up to that point and a spot in a match with Triple H that Batista didn’t know how to do.

he said:

“Initially it was very difficult because he was such a big man that when he was training, some people thought that it is best to train him as a big man and there are no hurdles. So by the time he came with me, I thought it was a joke, I thought someone was playing ribs at me. Because I remember during a match with Triple H, he (Batista) was going to run at him with a clothesline. When I told Dave about the spot, Dave looked at me and he said ‘Rave, how do I do this?’, I just looked at him and went ‘Are you serious?'”

D-Von’s sons Terrell and Terrence Hughes, who have worked in several AEW dark tapings in the past, have finished with the promotion, with D-Von talking about him potentially coming to WWE.

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