WWE Hall of Famer career achievements referenced on NXT


WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner’s career achievements, or lack thereof, were referenced during the concluding segment of Tuesday’s episode “NXT 2.0”.

When facing NXT Champion Braun Brecker ahead of his title match the following week, Cameron Grimes hit no punches, a reference to Braun’s father, Rick Steiner, who had never won a world title in his pro wrestling career.

“May you be bigger, stronger and faster” [than me]But you don’t have my heart,” Grimes told Breaker. “But it’s not your fault, Braun. It’s just genetics. Your dad didn’t even have a heart and that’s why he was never a world champion.

At this point, an enraged Braun removed Grimes and pressed him into the air above his head until Grimes passed out. Brawn accused Grimes of pushing hard only in the turnbuckles. Grimes then launched Braun into the corner again, causing the collision to break the turnbuckle. Fans chanted “Holy s-t!” started chanting. Judging by the collapse of the ring ropes and turnbuckles. After Braun started selling his hand injury, WWE medics checked on him. As Brawn continued to sell his injury, Grimes sat down next to him and taunted the champion, saying he had the advantage going into his title match next week.

Earlier in the promo segment, Grimes also referred to Brecker’s unsuccessful pro football career.

“That was your backup plan,” Grimes told Breaker. “The [Baltimore] The Ravens call you and say, ‘We don’t want you on our team.’ So you called your dad and went, ‘Daddy please, I’ve always wanted to be in WWE.'”

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Breaker vs. Grimes for the NXT Championship will headline next week’s NXT Great American Bash. Every other major NXT title will also be defended in special episodes. You can click here for the updated card.

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