WWE drops White Rabbit flyers on fans’ cars after SmackDown September 23

New WWE White Rabbit Tease Hints At Reveal On Upcoming Show



Today’s SmackDown was the highly anticipated ‘9.23’ episode of SmackDown in Salt Lake City, following the teaser for WWE’s ‘White Rabbit’ on this week’s Raw.

The video ended with the titular mammal with the phrase ‘come with me’ and the date 9.23 flashing on the screen, which promoted what would be revealed on tonight’s show.

Tonight’s QR Code took us to a mini game that showed the co-ordinates for the arena that next week’s episode of Raw will take place, confirming that we’re in this for the long haul.

However, if fans in attendance were unable to scan the QR code that appeared during Hit Row’s party backstage segment, White Rabbit made sure to make its presence felt in Salt Lake City, as fans found out when they Went off the field.

Fans found that, while returning to the parking lot, the rabbit had dropped passengers on the cars, featuring the coordinates shown at the end of the game.

Twitter user riann_brady shared the picture below Flying on his car after the show. It is becoming more interesting day by day, creativity is off the charts.

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