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For one reason or another, the wrestling community almost always talks about CM Punk. their matches, promos, media scrum commentsMore has consistently attracted fans since the start of his career in the early 2000s. However, compared to his runs in Ring of Honor, WWE and AEW, NWA-TNA . in punk time Often overlooked in modern times. His early matches for the company date back to late 2002, although he did not become a regular face until 2003. With a few singles and tag matches under his belt, he joined Julio Dinero, led by Raven, to form the Gathering faction.

As 2003 began, Punk and Dinero went on to win over such pairs as Matt Siddle and Onyx and Acmo and Sonny Siaki. He will also team up with Raven in a dog collar match against Shane Douglas and The Discipline of the New Church (Slash and Sin). Flying alone, Punk notably faced Douglas in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, although he did not win the match. In 2004, Punk and Dinero continued to team up with their opponents named Price in an increasingly dramatic fashion. Terry Funk, The Sandman, Mickey Whipwreck, and other ECW legends bring the fight to these up-and-comers – often failing to defeat them.

Punk’s final NWA-TNA match took place on February 25, 2004, when he teamed up with Dinero to face Raven and Sabu. The latter two wrestlers won, sending Punk back to ROH and, eventually, to WWE.

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