wonctoc Pet Sniffing Training Mat Dog Interactive Snuffle Carrot Toy For Cats Carrot Plush Pet Toy Interactive Game for Dogs Encouraging Natural Foraging

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The Wonctoc Pet Sniffing Training Mat is the perfect tool for pet owners who want to encourage their furry friends to engage in natural foraging behaviors. This mat is designed to meet the physical and mental needs of dogs and cats and comes with a carrot plush pet toy that further stimulates their curiosity and senses. The interactive game provided by the toy and the sniffing training mat keeps pets engaged and entertained for hours, while also promoting their cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. This is a great way to bond with your pets, as you can participate in the game and guide them through the sniffing training process. Overall, the Wonctoc Pet Sniffing Training Mat is an effective, affordable, and enjoyable way to provide your pets with the necessary stimulation and enrichment they need to lead a happy, healthy life.

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Product Description




Enjoy Interactive Games Time&Suitable for All Breeds of Dogs&Snuffle Mat for Dog-Slow Feeding Mat

You can hide your dog’s favorite food in the snuffle mat, and he/she will concentrate on sniffing and searching.

Dog snuffle mat can stimulate the dog’s foraging instinct, prevent dogs from indigestion, imitate dogs’ action of looking for food in the grass and field during dinner or feeding time, and stimulate your dog’s sense of smell.


The carrot garden dog toy is made of high-quality crystal cotton soft fabric, and every part of the inside is fully padded.

Originally designed for babies to develop intelligence, we have improved it so that pets can have fun with it. Made of safe materials including polyester and PP cotton fabric, this pet snuffle feeding mat ensures its comfort and safety.


Package Contents: Feeding Snuffle Mat x 1 Plush Carrot x 11 Warm Tips:

1. To sprinkle food in different holes of the feeding mat can increase the difficulty of snuffling and search.

2. This training or foraging CANNOT be done WITHOUT supervision in case your pets swallow the stuffed carrot incidentally and get choked.

3. In order to avoid fading and prolong the life of the product, please reduce machine washing as much as possible, hand washing with water temperature up to 30 degrees is the best method. Please do not use the dryer.

4. Keep this mat and carrots away from FIRE.

How to Use Encouraging Natural Foraging Skills

1. Remove all the stuffed carrots.

2. Hide pet food in some of the holes.

3. Put all the carrots back.

4. Guide your dog to search.

Interactive Toys&Eliminate Boredom and Stress

The cute carrot toy can allow you to play interactive games with your pets, promote the feelings of pets, solve the problem of lack of companionship for dogs, and it is also the best gift for pets.



【Exquisite Craftsmanship】: Neatly sewed, exquisite craftsmanship, no extra thread, non-slip design on the back of the mat, to prevent pets from sliding around the pet sniffing training mat during playing.Shareed
【Innovative Dog Toy Gift】: Interactive carrot snuffle mat dog toy can be used as a gift for your family and friends who have pets. I believe they will like it very much. Of course, you can also give it to your own pet, so that your pet will have a new toy.
【Increase Interaction】: You can play this carrot snuffle-pulling vegetable field mat with your pet, increasing the interaction between you and your pet and making your relationship closer.
【Best Company】: The interesting styling of carrots adds fun to your pet’s life. Even if you are not accompanied by your pet, your pet can play happily on its own.



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