WishLotus Hamster Dispenser Bottle, No Drip Plastic Hanging Water Bottle 125ml Automatic Water Bottle Dispenser Cage Bowl with 2 Rolling Ball for Small Animal Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Chinchilla (Red)

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The WishLotus Hamster Dispenser Bottle is a perfect solution for small animal pet owners who want to provide water without any mess. The no-drip plastic hanging water bottle is designed to prevent spills or leaks, ensuring that your pet’s cage stays clean and dry. With a capacity of 125ml, the automatic water bottle dispenser is suitable for small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and chinchillas. It comes with two rolling balls that help in controlling the water flow, helping to avoid overflow or waste. The bright red color of the bottle adds a pop of color to your pet’s cage and makes it easy to locate. The bottle is easy to install and maintain, making it a convenient option for pet owners. Keep your furry friend hydrated with this automatic water bottle dispenser.

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Price: £6.99
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length: 17cm
diameter: 5cm

Color: Red, Blue Applicable objects: Rabbit, Guinea Pig. Dutch Pig, Dutch Rat, Hamster, etc.
Rolling ball water fountain is suitable for the small pet rabbit guinea pigs squirrel, which can effectively prevent small pet bite the water fountain head or rubber stopper and lead to leakage.
Warm Tips:
1. Be sure to fill it with full of water. If it is not filled with water, it will cause deficient internal pressure and leak water.
2. Install the water nozzle and tighten it. Some water bottles with the shape of leather plugs. Be sure to push them tightly so that there is no air.
3. Put your finger on the water outlet and shake it up and down several times to drain the air from the front of the outlet. You can see the end of the outlet bubble, and can also squeeze the bottle, out of a small amount of water, so that the vacuum produced in the bottle to promote the internal and external pressure balance.

After the water bottle is installed, it is normal for water to drip for the first few minutes. When the pressure inside and outside of the bottle reaches an equilibrium point, it will stop automatically.
Tips: The heads of the new and old kettles may have different shapes, please don’t mind, thank you very much.

【Suspension Clamp Design – Suitable for Cage】: The plastic buckle of this cage water bottle is super strong and not easy to drop, and can be fixed at will. It can be locked in a wire cage for small animals to drink.
【Rope Hanging Design – More Convenient】: You can use a rope to hang it for easy use. There is a hole on the top of the bottle. It is more convenient and fun for pets to drink water. The anti-flatulence suction nozzle design is more practical.
【Durable Material – Detachable】: The bottle body is made of plastic and the tube is stainless steel. The capacity of 125ml can effectively provide enough water for your pets when you travel or absence from home.Easy to disassemble and clean, fulfill water will more convenient.
【Applicable for Small Pets -3 Different Capacity】: Small animal such as Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Hamster.



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