Will Saraya wrestle for AEW?



Paige here, and all that stuff. Saraya debuted for AEW during the Grand Slam show last night (September 21) from Arthur Ashe Stadium, and I think it’s fair to say that fans in attendance were pretty excited.

However, the question remains whether Saraya will actually be able to wrestle for AEW. Eventually, she retired from in-ring competition several years ago, and she never confirmed that she had been cleared for a return.

So, these are signs that we’ve seen Saraya actually be a wrestler for AEW.

Firstly, his comeback with all the music and graphics was definitely like the debut of a wrestler. He followed all the heels and pointed to the ring before telling them all that it was his home. Commenters even said that she can “go flat out”, which is not something you would normally say about a manager.

In addition, he has been added to the roster page, and has a win-loss record. Why would someone who is not going to wrestle need a win-loss record?


Nothing has been confirmed, so please take this as our own personal speculation, but it looks like she’s back to perform in the ring once again.

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