Will iPhones and galaxies adopt this revolutionary new smartphone camera technology?


An entirely new kind of camera lens for smartphones is expected to come out in 2023 that will revolutionize photo and video capture at high zoom levels.

Dubbed an “eagle eye lens,” the new technology developed by Chinese technology company Tecno Mobile is not only able to track moving objects, but also keep them centered in the frame — something that isn’t possible. with handheld cameras. This can be very difficult to achieve from a device with .

According to Tecno, the Eagle Eye lens is the first with a dual-prism telephoto periscope lens. The use of a pair of prisms allows the lens to offer a very wide angle of inclination, allowing internal adjustment to track moving objects, as well as a great deal of optical image stabilization. confers degrees. The company claims “AI tracking as accurate as 6 degrees with stabilization angles on both positive and negative axes.”

Tracking a fast-moving distant object is a challenging task that usually requires considerable user skill. The zoomed-in view on the screen only provides a very narrow ‘window’ through which to view the scene, so it’s easy to lose track of your subject if it goes out of frame. If Techno can solve this problem, I can see it having a huge impact on both photography and videography at long zoom ranges. With an AI-assisted optical tracking system, it becomes easier to capture action videos, such as sporting events or even pets running around the yard.

Of course, it remains to be seen how well the lens will work in practice and with significant additional moving parts there will be obvious concerns about the lens’s reliability and durability. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as the techno plans to introduce the technology to its smartphone products next year. If it works well, I think big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung would be interested in this feature.

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