Why you should consider using DuckDuckGo as your search engine


Thinking about switching from one search engine to another, but can’t decide which one to use? Consider DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine that guarantees anonymity.

While Google is the world’s leading search engine, DuckDuckGo leads the way as the most personal search engine. With so many search engines and their respective web browsers to offer, is there one that stands out from the rest?

Let’s take a look at what sets this search engine apart from the others, how it compares, and if it’s the best search engine for you.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that does not store your search history and blocks all cookies that can track and monitor your online activities. You are free to surf the web, use social media, shop online and much more in anonymity.

The search engine was launched on September 25, 2008. The name was inspired by the game Duck, Duck, Goose, to make online privacy simple and accessible for everyone. Over the years, the search engine has reached new levels, logging hundreds of millions of searches daily to support multiple platforms and devices.

Every time you use the search engine, it’s just like the first time: empty search history, no cookies, and no ads based on past searches. it gives one firework Button that clears all open tabs and their data in one click.

Regardless of your search query, website activity, or personal information you enter, your information will never be collected or stored; That is the main advantage of DuckDuckGo. This even goes as far as hiding your IP address when using search engines.

DuckDuckGo is free to install as a desktop browser, browser extension, and mobile browser app on iOS and Android.

to download: DuckDuckGo for Mac | Windows | iOS | android (free)

What does DuckDuckGo have to offer?

DuckDuckGo has a lot going for it no matter what device you use it on. For example, the mobile version offers the same functions as the desktop version, with additional security measures such as bookmark storage and firework button that clears your data.

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It offers a variety of exclusive features and options that you cannot find on other search engines. Here are three examples of functions you can use:

1. Bang Shortcuts

DuckDuckGo offers a quick way to search with its Bangs Shortcuts – short commands you can use to search another site without visiting the website first. For example: “!amazon [PRODUCT]will immediately take you to Amazon’s results page with the product you entered in the search bar. You don’t need to visit Amazon and search the site.

Each blurb starts with an exclamation mark followed by the website you want to visit. You can use commands to search Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit, Maps and thousands of others, changing the way you find something on the web.

Bangs will automatically direct you to the site based on your region. For example, if you have selected United Kingdom in the settings, you will be redirected to the UK site.

2. Fire button

The most outstanding feature of DuckDuckGo is it firework button, which clears all open tabs from their data and removes all cookies and history in one click. So every time you use the search engine, it feels like you’re using it for the first time, with no trace of your previous activity or data.

The feature appears at the top right of all devices, but only if you want the website data to be cleared. In Settings, there is an option to make a website “fire safe”, which will not delete any cookies on that website and keep you logged in even after use. firework switch. However, third-party cookies are still blocked.

There are three types of custom animation you can choose from when clearing your tabs and data: Inferno, Whirlpool, and Airstream. There is also an option to have no effect.

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3. Scroll Infinitely

no need to click anymore The next buttons, as the next set of search results will automatically load below the first page results and appear as an endless page of results. This feature is of course optional and can be turned on or off in Settings.

How does DuckDuckGo compare to other search engines?

It can be difficult to decide which search engine is best for you when comparing DuckDuckGo to Google. The main difference is the higher level of privacy protection. When you use search engines like Google and Bing, your device shares information with websites that can identify you, including your IP address.

DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, automatically prevents this from happening in search results. Instead, your request will be redirected when you click on a link. Websites know you’ve visited them, but they can’t track you or see what keywords you’ve used.

Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo will never track you, even in Incognito/Private mode. Instead, you are automatically connected to an encrypted version of the website, making it harder for anyone to see your activity.

Search engines track your history and data to provide a personalized search experience with targeted ads and search results. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, doesn’t, which means you don’t get the same experience or targeted ads and search results.

DuckDuckGo offers Federal Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) blocking, a method advertisers use to target ads without disclosing information about users. Alternatively, it groups users with others who share similar interests. Google originally developed FLoC before it was replaced by the Topics API.

Are there any downsides to using DuckDuckGo?

Like other search engines, DuckDuckGo also has its drawbacks, but don’t let that discourage you.

1. No search history

Because DuckDuckGo does not store your search history, you cannot access your history to return to previously visited websites. You can only go back through a bookmark or favorite if you’ve previously saved it or if you still have the URL on your clipboard. Otherwise you have to find it again.

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Whether you use DuckDuckGo or not depends on your goal. The lack of search history shouldn’t be a problem for those who use it for quick searches that don’t require storing information.

2. Lack of services

Unlike Google, which has integrated products and services such as Google Drive and Gmail, DuckDuckGo has no integrated products, as it functions primarily as a search engine. On the other hand, you can still use products and services that are not DuckDuckGo products.

3. No protection against internet threats

While it’s safe to use DuckDuckGo, it doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. Since it redirects you to a website, you can become a victim of online threats such as viruses and phishing websites if you are not careful enough.

On some websites, mainly torrent sites, you will still encounter pop-up ads that can harm your device. While not all pop-up ads are malicious, be careful when you click on anything, whether it’s a dialog box in the middle of the screen or a pop-up ad that opens in a new tab.

Is DuckDuckGo right for me?

It’s best to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether switching to DuckDuckGo is a temporary or permanent switch. You are not required to use it, but it is available as an option.

Consider using DuckDuckGo if you value privacy. There’s no harm in still using your current browser. Who says you can only use one search engine? You can use DuckDuckGo as an extension in combination with your current browser. And if you’re looking for better, faster search results, there’s a handy feature you can use.




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