Why did Ronda Rousey say she didn’t enjoy her Royal Rumble win?


While being a babyface can be fun, Rousey would like to be a heel forever because she “loves to be a s***h now” and considers it an “outlet.” Her idol, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, is regarded as the biggest heel of all time, and that’s the type of heel she wants to be.

“He was the real heel who wanted you to hate him, not the cool man heel,” said Rousey, who told Cormier that the Piper replica jacket she wears is stab proof. “That’s the heel I want to be, the heel that inspires the vitriol of emotions and really likes the other person. It’s so much easier to hate someone than to like them, and I think That’s what a lot of people forget that a heel’s job is to eliminate babyface, not for everyone to think you’re a cool heel.”

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