White House Reminds Americans to Be Grateful for Biden’s “Enormous” Performance: Tammy Bruce


Tammy Bruce says that as Thanksgiving approaches, the White House presented a list of President Biden’s accomplishments for which Americans should be “Hannity” grateful.

Sean Hannity: With Thanksgiving just hours away, the White House is reminding Americans to be thankful for Joe Biden’s stellar record. Correct. Today he published a list of all the things we owe him for. From gas prices, have now almost doubled under Biden, to record levels of untaxed spending, faster than inflation and plans to raise them even higher for everyone except, of course, those earning more than $400,000 a year. except for. And according to the Biden administration, there is something else to be thankful for.

Sean Hannity: Turkey wasn’t the only one to be pardoned by the government

The White House in Washington DC with a beautiful blue sky. Federal authorities are seeking an 8-year prison sentence for the officer who stormed the Capitol. (Patrick Semansky)

They are now encouraging institutional investors to prioritize climate change over profit. Finally, a new rule from the Labor Department allows investors who oversee your 401(k)s or retirement funds to factor in the “economic impact” of giving up those pesky gains. Climate change“In other words, they can now put your retirement savings into fringe green technologies or other causes and lose your money without consequence — not that this has ever happened before. Meanwhile abroad, in Ukraine More bad news. The war rages on and will likely continue indefinitely. In Iran, the government’s prized nuclear deal is in tatters as Iran’s Supreme Leader now openly calls Biden insane.

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