What3words says the space for tech hiring post-Brexit is ‘slicker’ than expected


The chief executive of technology company what3words said the post-Brexit recruitment landscape was “very smart” as he built a global team in London.

in an interview with city ​​amChris Sheldrick, head of Global Address Systems, said the capital continues to be a great place to build business due to its rich pool of talent and international appeal.

“The new laws regarding visas have actually made it a lot slower than I think our team will grow post-Brexit,” he said. City AM

Earlier this year, the government introduced a scale-up visa that start-ups can use to accelerate workers to the UK.

Founded in 2013, What3words is a piece of technology that has divided the world into three-meter sections, each named with three words from the dictionary, making navigation very “simple and accurate.”

So instead of saying ‘meet me at Southwark station’ you can share your exact location with three unique words that are unique to anywhere in the world. For example, you can say “lines.swing.crew” to indicate that you are near a bus stop.

The company was valued at £250 million in 2020, says Sheldrick, but has gone from strength to strength since then.

While navigation may have ground to a halt during the pandemic, What3words has been lifted by an increase in online delivery and more innovative applications – from emergency services to helping ambulances find people in the most remote places, to people traveling alone to the festival travel To help find tents.

said sheldrick city ​​am that the focus was now mainly on global expansion, especially in Asia, using the 54 languages ​​that have now been translated.

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“For us it’s about taking our success from the UK and saying now let’s replicate it abroad”.




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