What MJF did at tonight’s AEW Grand Slam



With AEW holding the AEW Grand Slam event tonight, many wondered how MJF would make his presence feel, and he made sure to do the same.

MJF interrupts an interview with Wheeler Utah, saying that he will never get a response like MJF, and that is because he is a god to these people, and a generational genius.

Wheeler then said that MJF is a generational genius, and he is the king of the low hanging fruits. Wheeler then says that MJF’s fiancĂ©e is going to walk on him the same way he walked on AEW.

MJF said he came out at the main event to wish Wheeler’s friends the best of luck as they fight to lose the world title to MJF. MJF then referred to William Regal as ‘popping pills’ before Wheeler hit him, and MJF pushed him and Schiavone to the floor.

Wheeler then jumped off MJF, before W Morrissey pulled him over, allowing MJF to hit him with a diamond ring.

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