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From decentralized apps or dApps to games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), if a brand wants to launch a successful digital marketplace, they look to WAX. Worldwide Asset eExchange is a purpose-built e-commerce blockchain platform for unique virtual collectibles that creators can launch to a global audience.

WAX has developed a distributed virtual commodity trading platform, including video game merchandise such as skins and currency. This is the equivalent of in-game money, accessories and clothing, all without relying on antitrust or outdated solutions for cross-border payments. The platform’s native token is WAXP, which is expected to see steady price growth through 2023 despite market volatility.

Brands launched on WAX include Atari, Capcom, Topps, Lionsgate, and Funko. The exchange also offers NFTs for movies and entertainment, including Saw, The Princess Bride, Deadmau5, Weezer, and William Shatner.

A Brief History of Wax

The WAX ​​platform has all the necessary features if you need to deploy great decentralized applications be it NFT or cryptocurrency related. Packed with tools to make your journey a success, blockchain was launched in 2017 to enable secure, simple, and fast e-commerce transactions.

Developed as a tool for digital commodities, WAX encouraged e-commerce with blockchain, proposing to vote for decentralization. William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis worked on setting up WAX’s ICO along with the team that developed OPSkins.

Based on the network, a suite of blockchain-based tools facilitates the creation of decentralized NFTs and marketplaces, as well as P2E games and apps. It has zero gas or transaction fees for its users, who benefit from the blockchain’s block time of 500 per millisecond.

WAX is recognized as the most convenient, fastest and most secure way to create, sell or buy virtual and physical digital collections. the creators had a background

To create resources for trading artifacts, especially for World of Warcraft, in its OPSkins days.

The platform’s co-founders have been virtual product market leaders since 1997, and while William Quigley serves as WAX’s CEO, Jonathan Yantis serves as COO. He developed a peer-to-peer outlet for World of WarCraft merchandise for cash in 2004, before creating OPSkins for gaming assets in 2015.

How does laundry work?

Every Web 2.0 or 3.0 operating in the game development and NFT segment, be it studio, publisher, or magazine, has resources in the WAX ​​ecosystem. The intended use of the platform is to deploy blockchain and decentralized services to offer digital products related to the customer’s activities.

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Despite staying under the radar, WAX has built a reputation for reliability in the face of fierce competition in the NFT marketplace from platforms such as Solana, Tezos, and Ethereum. It has become known as a network for virtual goods and digital collectibles, a highly efficient and widely used option for enthusiasts.

WAX embodies a global reach mission and, based in the Cayman Islands, provides users with thousands of dApps across a wide range of markets. Among other P2E games, it is home to persistent blockchain titles, including Prospectors, Alien Worlds, and Farmers World.

P2E gaming is a key feature of WAX, as with most major projects in the series, alongside collectibles and PFP efforts. Blockchain’s ability to facilitate millions of transactions makes it the most traded and widely used ecosystem anywhere, though it is available for a variety of assets.

WAX uses a Delegated Proof of Stake, DPoS, consensus protocol that is considered environmentally friendly and helps users earn crypto for block verification. It is energy efficient and produces energy-effective carbon offset NFTs as part of its sustainability mission.

How do you trade crypto, NFT and other digital products on WAX?

The WAX ​​Blockchain team has experience in the specific industry they focus on, making virtual asset trading a unique asset in the ecosystem. The design is secure, eco-friendly, and efficient, combining protocol microservices and blockchain layers to meet developer needs.

WAX is a tokennomics blockchain model that allows community members to stake or vote and receive rewards. Some of the important microservices and blockchain based tools to advance WAX ​​integration include;

Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism

The WAX ​​blockchain uses a DPoS consensus mechanism as proof of work, or a combination of POW and PoS. In this environment, your delegated coins enable validators to approve transactions.

Voting power on this protocol is weighted in relation to the number of tokens you own, so there is no need to calculate dominance. Additionally, while voting is real-time and WAX guilds manage block production, power consumption on WAX’s DPoS consensus is constant.

Wax Cloud wallet

You can easily use WAX ​​blockchain applications with the network’s cloud wallet, which does not require private key management. The feature is available on desktop and mobile and serves as a repository for collectibles in addition to the usual functions of sending or receiving cryptocurrency.

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By connecting the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet with dApps, you can control the voting in the guild through the dashboard as you stake your asset. Registering with your social media account or email is also an easy to use yet robust application. Here you can exchange ERC-20 $WAX tokens, view NFTs and vote on proposals, among other things.

climate neutral

WAX is a certified carbon neutral blockchain that is approximately 66,000 times more efficient than Ethereum or Bitcoin. In numerical terms, the mainnet for this ecosystem emits 211 tons of CO2 per year in exchange for 473.04 MW/h, a fraction of what traditional blockchains emit.

The resulting carbon credits from WAX blockchain operations go to green projects around the world. NFTs have helped offset about 4 million tons of carbon emissions in this ecosystem, compared to the energy-hungry POW mining operations of bitcoin or ether.

Washing laboratories

WAX visionaries and trailblazers bring innovation to life in WAX Labs, a funding source where emerging developers can pitch ideas and submit proposals for review. VOTE assesses the submitted business plans and assesses the feasibility of innovative projects.

In WAX Labs, users and token holders can vote for a project after submitting a proposal, and the more coins a user has, the more voting rights they have. A project is approved for funding when 10% of registered voters vote and half agree on its innovative potential.

was nft

The carbon neutral vIRL NFTs are a first in WAX and, like traditional tokens, are tied to physical goods. When you redeem one, a $1 tree will be planted as part of the National Forest Foundation’s initiative to reduce WAX’s carbon footprint.

After achieving carbon neutrality, this effort will continue until the WAX ​​blockchain becomes carbon negative. NFTs are sold on various primary and secondary markets and you can use the native $WAX token to buy them.

Wax Block explorer

Introduced in 2018 and processing higher transactions than any other blockchain, Block Explorer provides an overview of individual transactions on the WAX ​​blockchain. It is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to see a visual format of the transaction in interactive 3D.

With WAX Block Explorer, you don’t have to worry about the technical terms of the transactions as you can understand the asset data. You will also see a 3D representation of all NFTs you own and associated ownership and transaction details.

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DAP and board

As a purpose-built environment that is energy efficient, WAX delivers extreme performance in building and deploying blockchain dApps. A Developer Hive within the ecosystem includes quick start guides, in-depth tutorials, and reference APIs for product development.

The blockchain communicates with smart contracts in EOSIO using the WAX ​​mainnet, which has cheaper gas rates and free accounts. Use variants of the WAX ​​token, be it WAXP, the Protocol Utility Coin, WAXG, and WAXE, an Ethereum ERC-20 variant.

WAXG is the governance token for the platform and you can earn it by depositing WAXE into the Liquidity Pool. You can also use this coin for voting purposes or get ETH after burning them.

WAX Toconomics and Blockchain Roadmap

The future roadmap for the WAX ​​blockchain comes from the WAX ​​Advisory Board, whose members include executives from Marvel, Unity, and Atari. Alongside other key industry stakeholders, council members provide input on the platform’s development goals, which are posted on the official website.

Some recent developments on the WAX ​​roadmap include the development of an Ethereum altcoin bridge and collaboration with Capcom. In addition to supporting ERC token variant upgrades, the team is actively working to complete DeFi projects and improve the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet.

The growth model for the WAX ​​blockchain is a hybrid with the Ethereum blockchain that integrates the best features of both ecosystems. This means that a WAXP holder is benefiting from Ether’s success in the DeFi space and NFT marketplace.

last word

The WAX ​​blockchain is a thriving ecosystem that has already reached many milestones compared to its better-known counterparts. The ecosystem is now five years old and has received support from reputed brands along with thousands of NFT enthusiasts.

A workable framework for future projects requires a solid foundation, strong foundations, a workable roadmap, tools and a great team. The WAX ​​blockchain has all of this, in addition to achieving carbon neutrality as an industry first for the NFT marketplace.




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