What are Doubloons? A guide to TikTok’s new favorite meme currency


Travelers are welcome, why not relax and find out what TikTok’s obsession with the feline fake economy is all about

Economists are fretting over a deep recession expected to plunge Britain into financial ruin for more than a year, and biting their nails over the “alarming” slowdown in the global economy. But in fact they ignore the real problem. Double hyperinflation. Sources tell us that a cup of stew used to be four won, but now people ask for up to 16.16 won for a cup of stew!

Yes, doubloon inflation is a thing, and it poses a huge economic risk to the skinny cats who manage TikTok’s growing doubloon economy — one can only imagine what could happen if prices go even higher. is, and they can’t keep an eye on their cute little paws.

But wait, maybe your algorithm isn’t up to par with TikTok’s latest role-playing obsession, and you have no idea what I’m talking about. Frankly, neither do I. Let’s figure it out together, shall we?

WTF is a Doubloon?

Wons can be traced back to 16th century Spain where they used a currency gold coins By the middle of the 19th century, when gold coins became famous for being associated with stories of pirates. Of course, TikTokers do not trade historical coins.

The TikTok trend can be traced back to a meme shared by @catz.jpeg in 2021, in which a kitten stretches its white fuzzy paws as if counting, with the caption: “4 dabloons.” However, a more common variation of the meme shows a drooling dark brown cat doubloons. Like most ~bizarre~ memes, this cat moved to TikTok via Tumblr, dragging its trove of treasures with it.

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How do you l Getting my paws on some doubles?

unfortunately you are not much can do Do it to start. All you have to do is wait and hope the TikTok feed scrolls in your favor and bring a generous doubloon cat to spread the wealth (note: their gifts should be limited to 100 doubloons at a time, but you can find more if you’re willing to rummage on the black market). Presumably interacting with the doubloons will encourage the algorithm to bring more doubloons your way, just as the rich get richer in the real world.

This is also key to spending your hard-earned money. If you have some pocket money of your own, a cat might say something like, “Hey traveler, you’ve been traveling for a long time. It’s cold outside. Why don’t you come in and have a rest?” You can buy things like warm soup, water, blankets and warm clothes from these hospitable cats, but that will cost you dearly.

How does the doubloon economy work?

The internet, for the most part, is a deeply divided place. Every once in a while, though, it’s brought together in a brief but delightful harmony – usually it revolves around a person we’ve all collectively decided to hate for a few days, or a particularly cute animal video. Doubloons are another example.

Rather than an official token, like the “real” meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, Doubloon relies on users keeping track of their own balance in their heads. If a cat offers you four kibbles, add those kibbles to your supply. When you buy a triple can of Stella from Doubloon Wetherspoon, you cut costs accordingly. It’s a trust-based system, an oasis of honesty in the cynical mess of the internet.

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Was that cat trying to rob me?

Unfortunately, dabloons do indeed have a dark side. Thanks in part to lawless cats flooding the market with illegal amounts of doubloons, the economy is a mess, with inflation driving doubloon shop prices higher than normal. What does this mean for you, the average adventurer? Well, as in times of economic uncertainty in the real world, wealth inequality has increased during the crisis, with many people deep in debt, while some fat cats hoard their wealth.

Difficulties lead to despair and desperation leads to crime. The Dablon raiders have started stalking the streets and they’re taking everything you’ve got. This happens when the Doubloon IRS doesn’t take a large share first. One TikTok user says, “This trend is a perfect example of why our generation hates being in charge.” “In less than 24 hours we have created extreme poverty, people have unlimited wealth and robbers have stolen everything.”

Why are Dabloons a thing at all?

Internet role-playing games are nothing new, of course, and neither is the Internet’s obsession with cat memes. It is difficult to say what caused the explosion in Dublin in recent days. Maybe we’re all collectively longing for a cute little adventure where the money we make can be spent on things that actually keep us warm and fed — like blankets and hot stew — instead of skyrocketing rent and student loans that we’ll never really be able to pay off. Maybe we’ve all collectively gone mad. Either way, it’s important to remember that while a large stash of doubloons can be impressive, the real win is the feline friends you make.

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