Wardlow accepts changes going forward


Wardlow wants the wrestling world to know that he plans to regain his momentum. Wardlow is the current AEW TNT Champion and while many within the business thought he could become a big draw, he was slightly hindered by the situation with MJF. The thing that went into the Double or Nothing pay-per-view in May was whether MJF would join in after considering exiting the company.

Ultimately, MJF showed up to Double or Nothing and worked for Wardlow. The next night, MJF cut a shoot-style promo on AEW boss Tony Khan for staying away from real-life events. It overshadowed Wardlow’s big moment. During the September 7 episode of “AEW Dynamite,” Wardlow cut an intense promo, making it clear that he was tired of being overshadowed and promised to make his mark on the business. during an interview with daily gazetteWardlow discussed the changes taking place in his life.

“Absolutely. There are some changes,” he said. “I’m entering a new era in my life right now. I’m evolving, things are changing. I’ve just become a hungry, more intense version of myself, and I’m ready to demonstrate that and I’m ready to let the rest of the world feel it.” The TNT champion said that he is very happy to bring fans along for the journey so that they can feel his energy. “It’s powerful, man,” he said. “As a fan of pro wrestling my entire life, I’ve known what it means to me whenever I feel like a part of the show…. that’s what really helps the crowd to engage and get them closer.” It’s about feeling. What makes me feel. Making them a part of it is really what it is.”

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