WanFengXue Detachable Pole Algae Scraper Glass Tank Algae Cleaner Tool with 5 Blades 33cm Fish Tank Scraper Cleaner for Glass Aquarium Fish Tank

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Maintaining the cleanliness of your fish tank is essential for the health and wellbeing of your aquatic pets. Fortunately, the WanFengXue Detachable Pole Algae Scraper Glass Tank Algae Cleaner Tool can make this task easier and more convenient. With its detachable pole design and sharp blades, you can easily reach every corner and crevice of your glass aquarium without straining your arms or risking injury. The set comes with five blades that you can change as needed, ensuring that the tool remains effective and efficient over time. Measuring 33cm in length, the WanFengXue Fish Tank Scraper Cleaner is also long enough to handle even large aquariums. Whether you’re a professional fish keeper or a hobbyist, this algae cleaner tool can help you maintain a clean and healthy tank for your beloved fish.

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【Size】The fish tank algae scraper cutter head is 4.2cm wide, the rod is 33cm long.
【Features】Easy to use, easy to install and disassemble the blade, adjustable blade handle.
【Application】WanFengXue algae remover is very suitable for cleaning fish tanks and aquariums without leaving scratches.
【Package】You will get an aquarium algae scrapper with a total length of 33cm and 5 blades, enough for you to use for a long time.



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