Wahl Adelar Cordless Horse Trimmer, Rechargeable Equine Trimmers, Maintaining Horse’s Face, Ears, Bridlepath and Legs, Low Noise Cordless Pet Clippers, Ergonomic and Light, Grooming Kit

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If you are a horse owner or enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your equine friend well-groomed. The Wahl Adelar Cordless Horse Trimmer is the ideal tool for maintaining your horse’s face, ears, bridlepath, and legs. These rechargeable equine trimmers are designed to deliver precision cuts with low noise and vibration, ensuring your horse remains calm and relaxed throughout the grooming process. The ergonomic and lightweight design of these cordless pet clippers makes it easy to maneuver them around your horse’s sensitive areas without causing discomfort. With this grooming kit on hand, you can keep your horse’s coat in top shape while maintaining its overall health and wellbeing. Invest in the Wahl Adelar Cordless Horse Trimmer today and enjoy the benefits of a well-groomed and happy horse.

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Wahl Adelar Cordless Horse Trimmer

Lightweight, quiet operation, the cordless Adelar trimmer provides the convenience of cordless use with the two included battery packs. With a run time of 50 minutes per battery that’s a total of 100 minutes cordless use – simply charge one battery whilst the other is in use and your trimmer will always be ready to use when you need it.

This machine is a good choice when electricity is not available or when it may be beneficial to take the trimmers to the horse, without the worry of a mains cable. It fits comfortably in the operator’s hand and is easy to manoeuvre in those difficult to reach areas. Designed for trimming smaller areas than a full clip such as detail work around the face, head, legs and neck including hogging.

The handy LED light on the clipper indicates when the battery needs changing/charging. Plus an LED on the charge stand which clearly displays that the battery is correctly inserted and charging and then flashes to show that the battery is fully charged.

Features This quiet trimmer operates with minimum vibration so is suitable for nervous and young horses Adjustable five position blade allows the cutting length to be varied from 0.7 mm to 3 mm. Rust resistant, quick release blade system designed for easy cleaning and changing Continuous cordless power provided by the two power packs offering 50 minutes cordless use each.

Key features

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High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

The snap on/off blade eliminates the need for blade alignment and tensioning and ensures ease when cleaning, oiling and changing the blades. The adjustable five position blade can be easily adjusted with the use of the integrated taper lever to offer cutting lengths from 0.7 mm to 3 mm. Additional comb attachments can be purchased separately to allow further cutting lengths up to 25 mm. Precision ground from high carbon stainless steel the blades are manufactured with a corrosion inhibitive finish to prevent rusting. The tooth geometry ensures optimal feeding of the hair providing reliable, consistent cutting performance.

The Kit

Fully charged in just 90 minutes the battery deliverers 120 minutes or cutting time. Two battery packs are included meaning that if you have several horses to trim, one battery can be left charging on the stand while the other is in use.

To maintain maximum cutting performance and durability of the clipper, the blade set must be cleaned and oiled regularly. Clipper oil and a cleaning bush are included in the kit to allow you to maintain the clippers and ensure optimum cutting performance.

The Adelar

The Adelar is designed to trim the hair from your horse’s legs, face and ears. In addition it is powerful enough to hog the mane.

Being cordless allows for freedom and removes the risk of wires getting tangled or trodden on while trimming.

Highly respected amongst professionals for its efficiency, the Adelar is quiet, making the trimming process much less stressful especially for younger or more nervous animals.

Engineered in Germany, the adjustable five in one snap on blade is precision ground for a better cutting performance. Requiring no tensioning or alignment it is easily removed for thorough cleaning.

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Our history

The foundations for Wahl began when Leo J. Wahl invented the first vibrating electromagnetic motor in Sterling, Illinois. This led to the creation of the first vibrating medical massager, which was sold to barbershops, where Leo recognised the need to develop and improve barber tools.

Since Leo J. Wahl filed his patent for the first electric hair clipper in 1919, Wahl have remained at the forefront of the industry, with over 98% of Barbers now using Wahl.

Wahl blades are engineered using high precision grinding technology ensuring the best cutting performance. The consistency and sharpness of each tooth on the precision ground blade creates a better cut that is more even and better quality than any competitor using stamped blades.

Power Source
Rechargeable battery operated Rechargeable battery operated

Lithium Ion Technology


Run Time
120 minutes 2 x 50 minutes

Charge Time
180 minutes 75 minutes

Quick Charge Feature


LED Charging Indicator

Blade Type
Steel blade Snap on blade

Cutting Lengths
0.8mm – 1.8mm 0.7mm – 3mm

Key Features
Intergrated taper lever, attachment combs that provide lengths of 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm. Intergrated taper lever, 2 batteries.

Quiet Operation


CORDLESS – With two lithium-ion battery packs the Adelar Cordless Horse Trimmer cordless clipper offers up to 120 minutes of cordless cutting from a single 75-minute charge
QIUIET OPERATION – This quiet trimmer minimises vibration and is suitable for nervous and young horses. Whisper quiet with almost unnoticeable vibration, this trimmer cuts through all coat types
5 IN 1 BLADE – The ‘5 in 1’ blade is easily adjustable to allow a wide variety of cutting lengths between 0.7 – 3mm. The blades are also removable for thorough cleaning, so you can maintain the product’s performance and get a fresh cut every time you use it
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This trimmer is lightweight with a compact design which makes it perfect for getting into ‘difficult to reach’ area. The ergonomically shaped clipper is designed for comfort and control for you and your horse. Additionally, perfect for easy storage or carrying with you on-the-go



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