Video: Being Elite – ‘Forbidden Doors’


Video —

The Young Bucks Backstage in Milwaukee —

  • The Bucks were featured backstage at last week’s Dynamite.
  • Nick Jackson tells a story about Kazuchika Okada stealing his gear and chopping it up.

Brandon Cutler and Evil Uno at Obsidian Studios –

  • Cutler and Uno show off some of the swag they got from the company while visiting their offices.

Young Bucks receive new name tags on AEW World Tag Team Championship belt

  • The Bucks made a montage that featured a series of shots receiving new name plates on their title belts.

Matt Hardy is feeling “broken” but not in a funny way —

  • Matt Hardy is shown in the back talking about cementing the Hardys legacy.
  • He said that had the Hardies not decided to pull out of the title match, they would have won the tag title. Matt says he doesn’t blame Jeff for this, he blames himself. He blames himself for being obsessed with his tag-team legacy.
  • Matt also said that he was “broken” by not winning the AEW World Tag Team Title, but not in a funny way. This has left him “broken” in reality.
  • After that he created a storm.

John Silver vs Trent Beretta BTE Championship –

  • The game is to throw a packet of mustard into the bowl.
  • None of the contestants had much luck in the first round.
  • They eventually agreed to pour water into the bowl to prevent the packets from bouncing off.
  • Finally, after a long time, John Silver managed to bowl the mustard for the win.
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The Dark Order is tired of the forbidden door –

  • The Dark Order plans to find and close the Forbidden Door. However, they still don’t know where it is.
  • They set out to find Sting because they think he knows where he is.

“Smart” Mark Sterling Commercial —

  • Sterling aired a new ad this week claiming that Wheeler Utah often breaks the rules and therefore should not be the ROH Pure Rules Champion.
  • Instead, Sterling says it’s time for a real Pure Rules champion as a clip of Tony Ness playing in the background.

The Dark Order finds a door –

  • The Dark Order found a door and entered it, where they found Mark Sterling talking on the phone.
  • He concluded that it was not a forbidden door and set out to find more doors.

The Young Bucks return to the Bullet Club

  • Matt Jackson is shown sifting through old ring gear to find something suitable for his return to the Bullet Club.
  • He talked about seeing old NJPW friends and having a tough travel day.
  • This was followed by highlights of their match on The Forbidden Door.
  • He ended the show by talking about how their match turned into the build-up of the event at times. Then they insult Brandon, as they often do.
  • An after-credits scene shows Nick Jackson separating from some of FTR’s fans.

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