Verified against payment: Twitter’s verified users may soon be forced to pay to keep their blue check marks


Since his official acquisition of the company on Thursday, October 27, new Twitter owner Elon Musk has wasted no time making changes to the platform.

After a smooth start in which the company’s top executives were unceremoniously fired by Musk, the billionaire is now rethinking the app’s approach to verified accounts.

Twitter blue-tick users will soon be charged

The change was announced by musk A tweet on Sunday said, “The entire verification process is currently being refreshed.” No further details were given about what changes might be coming to the app’s Blue Tick, leading to speculation.

Technology newsletter Platformer reported that same day that said two sources close to the matter Twitter Considering charging users in exchange for the coveted Blue Tick.

The change also applies to those who already have a blue check (including Musk himself): According to the newsletter, users must subscribe to Twitter Blue — a monthly payment that grants special access to the most engaged people on Twitter. Provides access to premium features – for $4.99 (€5.02) per month or they will lose their verified status.

According to the report, Twitter users with a verified badge have 90 days to subscribe to the app’s premium service, after which their blue check mark and associated authority will be removed.

Currently, blue check marks are only awarded to users who represent a notable entity, brand or company, who can provide proof of their identity (official website link, ID verification or official email address), and who are active on the platform.

‘Extremely funny’ and ‘completely retarded’: reactions from Twitter users

News of Blue Ticks’ potential upcoming earnings has been met with skepticism, irony and outrage from users.

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“Making money off the vanity of blue check Twitter addicts is sadly hilarious,” tweeted Journalist Ryan Broderick.

“I get emails every day from vanity business products offering me as the ‘best lawyer’ or something like that if I pay them a fee. I don’t pay any of them. Doesn’t even pay Twitter for a badge.” wrote US National Security Attorney Bradley P. Moss. “Elon can do whatever he wants. It’s his business. I don’t have to pay for it.”

“The idea of ​​forcing people to pay for blue checks completely flips Twitter’s value proposition. For Twitter to have value, it must provide legitimate information from legitimate sources. If someone can pay for the appearance of legitimacy, the site loses all value,” tweeted Max Berger.

As is often the case with Musk, there’s no way of knowing if he’ll move forward with this plan.

But more changes may be on the way for Twitter Blue, which launched in June last year, after Twitter will raise the monthly fee to $19.99 ($20) per month, according to a report in The Verge on Sunday.




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