Velveteen Dream responds to EC3 filming allegation


Patrick Clark (FKA Velveteen Dream) has responded to EC3’s allegations that he filmed people in the bathroom at a house party.

During a recent interview NBC Sports BostonEC3 reiterated its previous claim that Clark installed a camera in his bathroom during a house party in 2018 for the purpose of filming people without their knowledge.

“We had a party and it was at my place, and he came because I’m friendly and I’m … the top guy and I tried to welcome everyone to this thing. Trying to catch people peeing I left my phone with the camera in my bathroom,” EC3 told Sportskeeda.

On Wednesday, Dream posted a video response to EC3’s allegations. instagram,

“I’m trying to help my old man on the computer and I just type in WWE, right? Tell me why, the first thing I see is EC3 talking to sheets of shit I feel like I’m on TMZ now, I’m someone again. EC3 has gone on a sheet of shit saying, in case you haven’t seen it, she had a party at her house one night, and If I’m right, it was about 2017/18, I won’t tell people who were at this party out of respect for our mutual friends, but a mutual friend of ours is a former NXT talent who now works for WWE. And the other person is the current Monday Night Raw talent who used to wrestle talent for NXT.”

“Mike, EC3, you outta here, when I’ve given you the best match I’ve ever had in my entire career… I’m tired of people throwing shit in my name, you all this shit in my name Throw that I tried to record you in my bathroom. Let’s be honest, Mike, you’re leaving out a lot of details.”

“Mike, what kind of powder was on the table? So, let’s not skip all the details.”

“The other two guys, we were mutual friends. I left my phone on your bathroom counter and because you weren’t sure of my sexuality at the time because of the character I played on TV and because we’re not friends in real life All, you tried to accuse me of recording in your house. So what did I do? I went to my mutual friend who no longer works for WWE, who is a former NXT talent, and I showed him my phone and asked him to go through my photos and videos and my recently deleted only to prove to you and the person who was there, because i respect him and he has a job, i I’m not going to keep him there. I had him prove to you that I wasn’t recording you.”

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