Vehomy Bird Seagrass Swing Toy with Wood Perch Bird Parrot Trapeze Swing Seagrass Bird Climbing Hammock Bird Perch Stand Chewing Toy for Lovebird, Cockatiel, Budgie, Conure Parrotlet, Parakeets



The Vehomy Bird Seagrass Swing Toy is the perfect addition to any bird lover’s collection. This unique toy offers a fun and challenging way for your feathered friend to stay active and engaged. Featuring a wood perch and seagrass bird trapeze swing, this toy provides a comfortable and secure spot for your lovebird, cockatiel, budgie, conure parrotlet, or parakeet to perch and play. The seagrass bird climbing hammock and chewing toy also encourage your bird to explore, climb and forage, while promoting oral health by encouraging your bird to chew and preen. This well-crafted and durable bird perch stand will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment for your beloved pet bird. It is sure to become a firm favorite in no time!

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Price: £16.49
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Vehomy Parrot Bird Toys Bird Swing Hammock Bird Seagrass Edible Trapeze with Wood Perch Bird Foraging Shredder Toy for Parrots

Product Features
-Safe Materials: Vehomy bird toys are made of natural materials that are safe for parrots to chew;
– Easy to Install: The bird cage toys come with hooks, which are easy to connect with any bird cage;
-Two-in-One Function: The seagrass net bird trapeze is combined with wood bird perch, practical and economy;

Product Specification:
-Materials: The bird toys are made of natural seagrass, willow wood bar, rattan balls, and colorful plastic chains;
Size: The seagrass net is 7.5″*11.5″, the length of the chain is about 18.9″.
– Package Including: 1x bird trapeze swing toy with wood perch.

Please allow a slight error in sizing measurement.
【Safe Materials】The bird net toy is hand-woven from natural chewable seagrass, the top bird perch is made of willow wood bar, the chains and decorations on them are high quality plastic and rattan balls. These materials are safe for your birds to chew or peck. It is a good place for parrots to play swing or have a rest on it.
【Design Features】There’re two clips on the top ends of the chains, it’s convenient to hang it into bird cages. The coloful chains are plastic, don’t worry about it getting rusty. On the chains, there are some small bells. When your bird swings on it, it maks beautiful sounds. The thickness of bird perch takes into account the size of bird’s claws. Your parrots can hold it easily and enjoy the rest time on it.
【Reduce Aggression & Relieve Boredom】Seagrass and willow wood give off natural fragrance, which can easily attract parrots’ attention in a short time. Your birds will play on these bird chewing toys for a long time daily, keep your parrots busy, alleviate their loneliness and have more fun hours.
【2 in 1 Function】In every package, there is a bird seagrass hammock with a bird perch that meet numerous enrichment needs. Your parrots not only can have a rest on it, but also swing on the seagrass bird platform, that is helpful developing the coordination and balance skills.



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