Update Whether Jungle Boy Has Officially Changed Name

Update On Whether Jungle Boy Has Officially Undergone Name Change



There have been conflicting reports regarding a possible name change for one of AEW’s rising stars this month.

Prior to his grudge match with Christian Cage at AEW All Out, Jungle Boy and Christian had a sit-down interview in which Jungle Boy claimed that Christian would not wrestle Jungle Boy, he would ‘fight’ Jack Perry.

Jungle Boy was announced as the ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry for the match, which eventually involved two moves after Luchasaurus betrayed him and allied with Christian.

At last night’s AEW Rampage Grand Slam, Jungle Boy wrestled Ray Fenix ​​on the show and won. On the show however, he was once again announced as ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry, leading fans to believe that he had officially changed his name.

Although, Per fighter selection (subscription required)Jungle Boy is still listed internally in AEW only as Jungle Boy, not Jack Perry.

Christian Cage made his first AEW appearance on the show since All Out when he faced Jungle Boy on the show, before ordering Luchasaurus to attack him once again.

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