Update on WWE plans for WarGames matches at Survivor Series

Previous WarGames Winner Gives Advice To WWE Stars Ahead Of Survivor Series



An update has emerged regarding the format of the WarGames matches to be held at this year’s Survivor Series premium live event.

This year’s Survivor Series event will take place on Saturday, November 26, and will feature the iconic WarGames matches that were made famous by WCW and later became a staple of annual NXT events.

a trailer The event was shown this evening (November 5) during the WWE Crown Jewel Premium live event, which confirmed that the matches would feature “ten contestants” in “two rings”.

Up to this point, it has not been clear whether the matches will have four, five, six, or any other number of contestants.

Previous WarGames matches have involved two or three teams, each with three to five participants.

Matches are held in two wrestling rings connected to each other, and surrounded by a large steel cage.

The entry of participants is staggered throughout the match, with one member of each team entering at regular intervals.

Not much is known about the event, although Triple H confirmed that the show will feature both men’s and women’s WarGames matches.

The trailer seems to support this, showing members of both the men’s and women’s stables, including Bloodline and Damage CTRL.

With Bloodline having 5 members, it appears that Roman Reigns will join Solo in the match along with Sequoia, The Usos and Sami Zayn. The interesting part comes on the women’s match, as there appears to be only 4 members of each team.

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