Two matches announced for NXT UK next week


Two matches have been announced for NXT UK.

Kenny Williams will face Tiger Turan on next week’s show. It was set in a backstage segment on Thursday’s episode. Williams promises to not only defeat Turan, but also expose him and prove that he is wealthy Jordan.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura will also face the team of Elijah Alexander and Zea Brookside in Surrey next week. Alexander and Brookside faced Surrey at the gym on Thursday’s show and Satomura came to their rescue.

The match between Williams and Turan was filmed on Wednesday 22 June at BT Sports Studios in London. Elijah Alexander and Xia Brookside versus Miko Satomura and Surrey was filmed the next day from the same location.

Here’s the full lineup for next Thursday’s edition of WWE NXT UK:

  • Kenny Williams vs Tiger Turan
  • Elijah Alexander & Xia Brookside vs Miko Satomura & Surrey

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