Twitter’s office escape in Brussels is ringing alarm bells for online safety


Twitter has reportedly dissolved its entire Brussels office as Elon Musk continues to ramp up its workforce.

Julia Moser and Dario La Nassa, who led Twitter’s digital policy in Europe, left the company last week, according to preliminary reports from the Financial Times.

The pair reportedly supported the social media firm’s approach to the EU’s decriminalization code and groundbreaking Digital Services Act.

Other members of the Brussels team have left the company due to mass layoffs, as well as Musk’s new requests for employees to embrace a “radical work culture”.

The sources said it was unclear whether Moser and La Nassa resigned or were fired after the billionaire entrepreneur bought the social media platform for $44 billion last month.

However, his departure has created uncertainty in the regulatory landscape.

“I am concerned about the news of such a large number of layoffs of Twitter staff in Europe,” Vera Jourova, responsible for the EU’s unsolution code, told the Financial Times.

“If you want to effectively detect and combat disinformation and propaganda, you need resources.” Particularly in the context of the Russian disinformation war, I expect Twitter to follow EU law. Will fully fulfill and respect its obligations. Twitter has been a very useful partner in the fight against disinformation and illegal hate speech and that should not change.”

This was echoed by Eddie Powell, a partner at law firm Flaggate, who said it was “a risky strategy for Twitter.”

“Social media companies are at risk from civil claims related to defamation, privacy violations and IP infringement in content posted on their platforms,” he added.

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“In most cases, a robust process leading to the immediate removal of objectionable content will fend off potential civil claims nearby. If Twitter doesn’t do this, sooner or later it will be embroiled in lawsuits.” ”

Twitter, Julia Moser and Dario La Nassa were not immediately available.




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