Trixie 43947 Malaga Scratching Post 109 cm Charcoal Grey

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Trixie 43947 Malaga Scratching Post is the perfect addition to any home. Standing at 109 cm tall, this scratching post is made of charcoal grey colored material that is designed to last. It is the perfect height for cats to stretch and scratch, helping to keep their claws healthy. The sturdy construction ensures that it won’t wobble or tip over, even when your cat is using it. With its neutral color, it will blend in with any home décor. This scratching post is sure to provide your cat with hours of fun and exercise.

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Scratching, hiding, cuddling, climbing and enjoying the view.

TRIXIE scratching posts and furniture fulfil many functions and meet all cat needs

Malaga Scratching Post

With plush cover Posts wrapped in natural sisal Caves fitted with felt Colour: Anthracite

Malaga scratching post – ladder with sisal steps
Malaga scratching post – ladder with sisal steps
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