Triple H plans to ‘fast-track’ the 21-year-old NXT star

Triple H Planning To ‘Fast-Track’ 21-Year-Old NXT Star



When WWE rebranded the NXT brand to NXT 2.0 in September of 2021, they did so with the idea that the new system would create more development potential that would be easier to adapt to life on Raw or SmackDown.

Even after a year has passed, and even though WWE has taken the brand back to a hybrid of the Black and Gold era and the 2.0 era, the 2.0 era has created many great possibilities.

Apart from the obvious Braun Brecker and Carmelo Hayes, the women’s segment in particular has a lot of potential.

Roxanne Perez recently made her first appearance on SmackDown, and the 21-year-old is ready for big things in the future.

She recently defeated best friend turned arch foe Cora Jade at the NXT Halloween Havoc, which could have a bright future herself.

Talking to Louis Dangur of GivemysportThe WrestleVotes Twitter account shed some light on Cora’s status within the company, noting that the company loves her, and that she is being “fast-tracked” to become the next Sasha Banks.

They said:

“Everyone loves Cora. ​​She is on her way to be the next Sasha Banks.

“She has what Sasha has, she’s talented, she’s got this unique look about her, she’s super young and she’s great in the ring, right?

“The potential for him to become a big deal is high and WWE sees it.”

Cora isn’t the only NXT prospect in whose future the company sees big things happening, as it was reported earlier this week that WWE is debating a ‘Kevin Owens style’ call for the NXT star.

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