Triple H Comments on Dwight Howard, Tyson Fury’s Possible WWE Futures


Paul “Triple H” Levesque Comments on Tyson Fury and Dwight Howard’s WWE Futures.

Fury once performed inside the WWE ring at Crown Jewel in 2019. He was also present for the clash at the Castle in Cardiff earlier this month. Levesque recently spoke to Sporting News at the Crown Jewel press conference and said that he believes Fury has the potential to do something special in WWE.

“I think Tyson Fury is kissing a little bit to get in the ring,” Levesque said. “The question is, which ring will he be in? Is this going to be a boxing ring or is this going to be a WWE ring? We were just in Cardiff together, we had a long talk. He’s as obsessed with wanting us as ever. Do it together. I think he knows he has some big fights left in the boxing world. I think he’s going to capitalize on those fights.”

“Selfishly, I want him to work with us. Selfishly too, I want to see those fights. So, I hope he works them out and I hope he’s interested because I With the dedication and drive I think he could have done something special with us too.”

Howard participated in a WWE tryout in Nashville during SummerSlam week. Levesque says “the ball is in his court” about the basketball player’s WWE future.

“I think the ball is in his court. It’s a funny thing, Dwight, in our conversation, was like, ‘You know, I really want to do this. I’m serious, I really want to do this’ ’ But we hear that there is a lot and there is a difference between saying I want to do this and grinding and working to get there. [He] Came by our tryouts in Nashville was incredibly entertaining, jumping into promos myself and then with others. Incredibly entertaining, really inspired to do this.”

“He has a lot of other things going on, so when he says, ‘Hey, I want to give this a shot,’ he’s got my phone number. All he has to do is call me and we’ll see.” What could happen. And if she’s ready to put people like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny and Tyson Fury in the grind and drive, then let’s go.”

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