Triple H calls out “easter eggs” for hardcore fans as creative strategy

Triple H Touts “Easter Eggs” For Hardcore Fans As Creative Strategy


A new report attributes the online chatter surrounding WWE’s ‘White Rabbit’ mystery to a thought-provoking creative plan by Triple H.

According to a tweet by Brandon Thurston of WrestlenomicsAccording to his sources:

“I heard Paul Levesque tell people in the financial community that part of WWE’s new creative approach is dropping “easter eggs” that appeal to fanatics. “White Rabbit” is playing off-air during events , which some people think teased the return of Bray Wyatt, seems like an example.

As a method of generating buzz, to dominate the ever-present wrestling news cycle and even to make some trading money, it is paying off!

While it started off as an interesting song during the commercial break on SmackDown, it turned into a complete mystery as the song continued to feature on several house shows over the weekend.

Then on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, a mysterious QR code appeared on the screen and even at the sign of a fan in the crowd, leading a WWE website to come up with a spooky game.

The game seemed like we’d learn some of the answers at “9.23,” but instead, it looks like we’re down another rabbit hole as another game reveals another clue.

While it seems like everyone (including Ronda Rousey) has their own ‘White Rabbit’ theories, what do you think?

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